Author Spotlight: Natalie J. Damschroder

Thank you to Sparkling Book Reviews for having me back to announce the latest release in my Adrenaline Shots Series! (Note: These are stand-alone quick reads with people falling in love in the middle of an adventure. Only 99 cents each or available in Kindle Unlimited!)

Operation Gratitude: Greta and Finn have always made a great team as part of JOE Ten, a private company running military-adjacent operations. They’ve each buried growing feelings for a long time, but the suppression becomes unbearable when a mission goes sideways.

Facing impossible choices, they are eventually forced to confront them, as well as each other and their own weaknesses. Making the wrong decisions will put their lives, careers, and relationship at risk.

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The idea from this story is the end of the first scene, so I don’t want to spoil it. But I had this guy in my head, doing this really stupid, dangerous thing, and that action being the trigger that made his teammate realize she loved him, and vice versa, causing a cascade of complications.

This book was the catalyst for the Adrenaline Shots series. A bunch of friends (including the owner of this blog!) and I had done some short stories in a couple of fun anthologies, but that pursuit ended before the third collection was released, and I had already written Operation: Gratitude. I had SO much fun writing those stories and wanted them to find their audience. And I have so many more to come!

Next up is Endless Secrets and this post is my EXCLUSIVE cover reveal! When Bree finds herself in the middle of a time loop on Valentine’s Day, she decides to use it to her romantic advantage. But she soon discovers it’s not actually fun and harmless, becoming entangled in a race against time (ha!) to…well, save the world, of course! 🙂

Endless Secrets will be released very soon! If you want to be sure you don’t miss this or any other Adrenaline Shots, here are some options:

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Thank you, and happy reading!

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