New Reviews

I am in the midst of packing for a move so reviews may be few and far between–or like this, a bunch posted all at once when I have the time. If you want a review done, keep checking the “You want a Review” page to see when I’ll be open again, but figure not much before the end of August so I can get moved and settled in the new place. Thanks!

All of the following are under the “Romance” page. Great summer reads!

A Bid for Romance by Meredith Bond – 4 sparklers for this sweet historical.

A Trick of Mirrors by Meredith Bond – ditto

Cat Therapy by Kathy Bosman – Sorry, but only 2 sparklers for this sweet contemporary

The Story Between Us by Darlene Deluca – 5 Sparklers for this sweet romance

Two Truths and a Lie by Daryl Devore – 4 Sparklers for this fun takeoff on Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Always in my Mind by Andrea Downing – 4 Sparklers for this Vietnam War era romance

Rainbow Sprinkles by D.V. Stone – 5 sparklers for this sweet contemporary romance

Rock House Grill by D. V. Stone – 4 sparklers for this contemporary romance

The Wonder of You by Laurie Kellogg – 3 Sparklers for this 1970s era romance

An Affair of Hearts by Meredith Bond – 4 sparklers for this 1807 Historical romance

Love, Art, and Other Obstacles by Sadira Stone – 4 Sparklers for this contemporary romance (hot)


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