New Reviews

I have been really busy with reviews the past few days. So here’s what’s new:

Under “Mysteries

VARNISHED WITHOUT A TRACE by Misty Simon. This won’t be out until Sept. 29, but be sure to put this fun cozy on your “to be read” pile. 5 Sparklers.

Under Nonfiction:

THE EASY BAKED DONUT COOKBOOK by Sara Mellas – 4 sparklers for this delicious cookbook

FAMILY TREE WORKBOOK by Brian Sheffey – 5 sparklers for this excellent way to organize your search for your family

THE ESSENTIAL SELF-COMPASSION WORKBOOK FOR TEENS by Katie Krimer – 5 sparklers for this how-to book on getting yourself together – and not just for teens

DAIRY-FREE MEAL PREP by Silvana Nardone – 3 sparklers for this cookbook. Some really good stuff in here, but still too dairy-centric even with substitutes

ACTUALLY, THE COMMA GOES HERE by Lucy Cripps – 4 sparklers for this good reference book on basic grammar

INNER PEACE: A Guided Meditation Journal for Beginners by Jordana Reim – 5 sparklers on this book to help you find peace and calm


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