New Reviews, and a New Page

Hi everyone! We’ve added a new page to our site. Because her reviews are so detailed and insightful, Teresa now has her own nonfiction page. Please check there for her latest.

New ones we’ve added so far this week include:

Under Teresa’s Nonfiction:

A People’s Guide to Publishing – 5 sparklers!

Under general Nonfiction:

A Year of Mindfulness for Beginners by Lee Papa – 3 sparklers

Holistic Self-care Guided Journal by Carley Schweet – 5 sparklers

Everyday Stress Relief by Ruth C. White – 5 sparklers

Self-Care Check-In by GG Renee Hill – 5 sparklers

Living Zen by Seth Zuiho Segall – 3 sparklers

One-Pot Vegan Cookbook by Gunjan Dudani – 5 sparklers

Essential Fondue by Erin Harris – 4 sparklers

Under Romance:

To Heal a Heart by Jana Richards – 5 sparklers

And under “Adult Fiction”

The Book of CarolSue by Lynne Hugo – 3 sparklers

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