New Reviews!

It’s been a busy week for reading!

In fiction: Romance:

5 Sparklers to Jana Richards for her book “To Heal a Heart” – this one pulls at the heartstrings. Definitely recommended.

In Non-fiction:

The Toughest Sudoku Puzzle Book by Christina and Rick Smith. 5 Sparklers for this challenger!

One-Pot Vegan Cookbook by Gunjan Dudani – 5 Sparklers to this one too! Vegan or not, this is a good book to have on your shelves. I know I’m going to be using several of the recipes soon, and a lot more in the future.

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Cookbook by Danielle Fahrenkrug – 4 Sparklers. This is a decent book with some really good recipes, good information, and would be a good addition to any GF-DF shelf.

Convection Oven Cooking Made Simple by Janet A. Zimmerman – 4 Sparklers – This is a helpful book for those who have convection ovens—and there are a lot of great recipes even if you don’t. The conversion charts would help you go either way. I’d definitely add this one to my shelves.

Dairy Free Cookbook for Beginners by Chrissy Carroll – 5 Sparklers – This is a good basic book with clear, concise easy-to-follow recipes. A definite must for those with dairy issues and a good addition to any cookbook shelf.

Everyday Healthy Cookbook by Kathy Hodson – 4 Sparklers – For a good basic book on eating healthier, I’d add this one to my shelves. There are a lot of really good recipes in here (that I will definitely be trying). Recommended.



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