Guest Author: Joe Cosentino

FoundAtLastcoverFinding Armando, Found At Last book two

by Joe Cosentino, published by Dreamspinner Press

cover by Paul Richmond

I was thrilled when so many readers told me they fell in love with Theo and Jamison as the young men fell in love with each other in Finding Giorgio (Found At Last Book 1). In that novella, Theo Stratis, an unlucky in love young accountant, registers at his upstate New York LGBTQ Center to visit an elderly gay person. Theo is matched with Nolan Downes who lives in a local nursing home, where Theo meets gorgeous Jamison Radames, a medical director, who is visiting the same nursing home. Theo and Jamison embark on an exciting adventure to find Giorgio, the love taken away from Nolan by his and Giorgio’s homophobic parents. As Paul Richmond, Associate Art Director at Dreamspinner Press, had done with many of my other books, he created a cover that perfectly highlighted this romantic and deeply emotional novella. On the cover is the old photograph Theo received from Nolan—the picture of young Nolan and Giorgio—embedded in Theo’s contemporary Hudson Valley, New York. It perfectly sets the tone for these special characters and this unique, emotional story.

When the readers begged for more of Theo and Jamison, I wrote Finding Armando, Found At Last book two, where Theo and Jamison now own the Poconos Resort they’ve renamed Nolan Giorgios. The resort manager, gray fox Asher Hillel, pines away for the lost love of his life, Armando Caro, who was taken away from him during the military’s vicious Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era. So it’s Theo and Jamison again to the rescue in their next adventure to reunite Armando and his first love from the Navy, Armando. After completing the novel, laughing and crying all the way, I couldn’t imagine how Paul could top his cover for Finding Giorgio, but he did! The cover for Finding Armando perfectly captures the love and devotion between Asher and Armando in their youth as surrounded by the Poconos Resort of the present. Thanks, Paul!

And there’s more good news. Dreamspinner Press is also releasing a paperback anthology of the two Found At Last stories combining both beautiful covers!

I know you will be swept away by Finding Armando. I love to hear from readers! Please share your reading experience with me at:

Giveaway: What do you think about the cover for Finding Armando? Post a comment. The one that tickles our heart strings the most will win a Dreamspinner Press backlist e-copy by Joe Cosentino of your choice!


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