The world needs writers. We will always be necessary. There are few professions that can claim that distinction.” – Rod McKuen

Thank you for stopping by. This is the place for all things books. We will do author interviews, reviews of books, book launches, and more. If you’re an author or publisher, you can contact us through the contact page.

Though there are only two of us who are the main writers of this review blog, there are several others who may join us on occasion. We strive to give honest reviews, but please remember, these are just our opinions. We may love (or dislike) a book that someone else dislikes (or loves). That doesn’t make us–or them–wrong. It just means different people like different things, and that’s okay.


My name is Vicky and, although I am kind of the head person here, I am but one small part of this enterprise. Still, I have been asked what genres I read. I guess people expect me to specialize.

Except I don’t. And I won’t.

You see, I am a book-aholic. I love books. All kinds of books. Fiction books. Non-fiction books. Coloring books. Graphic novels. I love them all. And have read them all. And will continue to do so.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and taught school for a little while–but I’ve done workshops and lectures for everyone from pre-schoolers to adults, so I have taught on all levels. I also have a master’s degree in Library Science and was a librarian longer than I was an educator. I also worked as assistant manager of a small, independent bookstore for a few years so I know how to recommend a wide variety of books on all subjects because I read all subjects. In non-fiction, I was a technical writer for a couple of years specializing in policy and procedures manuals. And finally, I’ve been an editor for a variety of publishers and private clients for twenty years and if it’s been written (in English), I’ve probably read or edited it.sparkler

So… I do not specialize. Yes, there are some genres I prefer over others, but I have found that I can often be surprised by those other genres. I’ve discovered some amazing reads in books I would not normally have picked up for myself. The only thing I will read only reluctantly is graphic, gory horror. Not my thing–but, that being said, I have read some that I actually enjoyed so I won’t turn them down, but I appreciate a warning so I don’t read them while I’m eating a meal or right before I go to be. 🙂

My reviews are my opinion only. Just because I do or don’t like a book doesn’t mean that’s the way everyone feels. I’ve read some books that I absolutely hated that a lot of other people loved, and vice versa. Reviews are subjective. What I will promise is, if I read your book, you will get honesty from me. To sign up for a review, please go to our “Contacts” page.

So…that’s the lowdown. I read everything. I am not a specialist and never will be. I just like books. 🙂

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